OnQ has always been inspired by the latest trends in technology in retail. As a bay area company, we are surrounded by innovative and groundbreaking companies. We pride ourselves on leading change in retail.

design & engineering

We not only think about making it pretty, we think about design intent and structure to support real items with real functionality. We determine security needs, power requirements, and product presentation, and then translate that into a practical yet elegant design.


Both local and international production with full prototyping capability, quality assured production, kit-packing and logistics.


Because of our deep heritage and understanding of retail execution we plan out all implementation instructions in close concert with chosen merchandising partners. We coordinate retail communications, shipping schedules, in-store execution and reporting.

on-going management

We don’t simply launch displays, we look after them for their full life cycle. We coordinate product transitions, aid retailers in planogram changes, design and produce new materials, and orchestrate all in-store implementation.