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Shop-in-Shops and Branded Environment

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Our professional team will work with you to define use cases, assess customer needs and pain points, and design the best experience for your goal.

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What's a shop in a shop?

A designated space within a retailer

Shop-in-shop, shop-in-store, store-within-a-store, in-store shop, concession, in-store space. Whatever you call the concept, they could be defined as a retailer offering a designated, branded space to a specific consumer brand, allowing them to sell goods under their own brand name.

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A space that benefits brands and retailers

Breathe new life
in store

Reach your
target market

Increase in-store foot traffic

Bring online brands in-store

Offer a immersive, lifestyle experience

Create a destination

Great marketing includes a great customer experience

Customer experience and store interactions play a huge role in your marketing success. Pick the right partner (brand or retailer) to provide the most value to your target customer.

Need help finding the right shop-in-shop brand partner?

We’d be happy to make introductions.

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Pop-up shops for brand awareness

Boost sales
and traffic

Engage social media response

Create buzz around brand

Few, select

Think lifestyle

A store experience designed to sell

Partnering with the right brands help you tell a convincing story. Instead of looking at product specs and pricing, your shoppers get a taste of what’s the life post-purchase to help him commit to a sales faster.

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How to get started

Think about all the steps of the funnel

From choosing the right partner to picking a store layout, assortment, merchandising strategy, there is a lot to be done.

Our first question is: what does success look like?

We excel at helping you enable your shoppers as they experience your products, narrow their choices, validate their decision. Direct them to your brand, engage them, educate them about their benefits, and finally commit them to a purchase or retain them beyond the store.

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