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onq converge display control

Converge Display Control by OnQ Brings Touchless Interactivity In Store

Bringing the online shopping experience into traditional retail increases customer engagement and helps retailers bridge the omnichannel gap
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OnQ Study Finds QR Code Use Increased 110 Percent Since 2019

rAVe provides some insightful commentary on our recent findings about the rise in QR code use at retail during the pandemic.
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Pandemic spurring consumer QR code usage

Retail Customer Experience takes a closer look at how QR code usage in retail settings has increased during the pandemic
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onq costco table

COVID-19: A Shot in the Arm for QR Codes at Retail

A recent survey of hundreds of shoppers shows how the pandemic accelerated the use of QR codes in retail settings
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covid weddings 4

COVID: The Uninvited (Wedding) Guest

The pandemic had a ripple effect throughout the retail world. Specialty retailers - particularly those deemed to be non-essential - were forced to pivot quickly and alter the in-store experience to align with ever-changing health and safety protocols. Read on for a closer look at how bridal retailers adapted in the face of unprecedented challenges brought on by COVID-19.
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Top Workplaces 2021

Bay Area News Group Names OnQ a Winner of the Bay Area Top Workplaces 2021 Award

OnQ earned a spot on the 2021 Top Workplaces list, which recognizes top workplaces in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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The Retail Brilliance of the Star Wars Franchise

Star Wars' box office success is certainly impressive, but you may be surprised to learn that merchandise sales account for roughly four times the amount of revenue generated by ticket sales. Star Wars is one of the best examples of how deeply intertwined the entertainment and retail industries can become when pop culture and consumerism collide.
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Alan McFarland


For our latest installment of Retail Voices, we spent some time with Alan McFarland. He joined our tech team as Director of Electronic Innovations just a short time ago. Like many of us at OnQ, Alan spent a good chunk of his career pursuing endeavors unrelated to retail before finding his way here.
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qr code image 1

Do People Really Scan QR Codes at Retail?

Today we’d like to share some of the most common questions we get asked about QR codes: Do people really scan QR codes at retail? Do they know how to? Do they really work at retail? Let's take a closer look at how QR codes are being used at retail today.
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DirecTV concept

The Evolution of Smart Home Products at Retail

Several months ago, we published a retrospective on the history and evolution of the category display at retail. We received some great feedback on that write-up, so we decided to take a similar tact and share some of our reflections on the evolution of smart home products at retail.
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Purity McKinney Retail Voices

RETAIL VOICES: Purity McKinney

Senior warehouse production assistant Purity McKinney works closely with OnQ's line leads to make sure they have everything they need, and to make sure projects move smoothly through production.
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Disney Springs M&M Store

Why Digital-First Brands are Including Physical Retail in their Marketing Strategy

Notable digital-first brands like Amazon, Warby Parker, SmileDirect, Peloton and many more are making the leap to physical retail with pop-up shops and other in-store retail experiences. Let's take a look at three strategies driving digital-first brands into physical retail.
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Paul Chapuis and Stu Armstrong

Retail Industry Luminary Stuart Armstrong Joins the OnQ Board of Directors

Retail Industry Luminary Stuart Armstrong Joins the OnQ Board of Directors
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Seven Tips for Retail Success

Creating a store display from scratch is a huge undertaking. With so many types of retail displays to consider, you may not know where to start. Understanding all the elements of visual merchandising can be overwhelming, but it helps to start with some of the basic elements of retail merchandising.
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Epson Retail Display with Digital Signage

Should You Invest in Digital Signage?

Digital signage is crossing over into mainstream retail more quickly than ever before - a movement that’s only accelerated throughout the pandemic. Here are 7 reasons to consider bringing digital signage in-store.
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