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Troubleshooting Power and Operation Problems

  1. If the tablet’s battery is completely dead, the screen will be black and you won’t be able to turn it on.
  2. To get it working again, connect it to its proper power adapter and plug the adapter in to AC power.
  3.  After it charges for a few minutes but before it has sufficient charge to activate, the screen will look like this:

    Allow it to charge a few more minutes and try to turn it on again.  It will turn on when it has sufficient charge.
  4. If the screen remains black, or it displays the battery icon but does not charge (lightning bolt is absent),

    then you’ll need to check the USB power cable.  There’s a connector at each end of the USB cable, one is external at the power adapter:
  5. The other end of the USB cable is internal to the kiosk. To check it you need to open the back of the kiosk to ensure the USB connector is seated.  Remove the screws indicated using a #2 Philips screwdriver and lift off the back to expose the USB connector.
  6. Ensure the cable is fully seated.
  7. Reassemble.
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