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QR codes with super powers

Converge Control™ by OnQ Solutions

Touchless control made easy

A QR code. A smartphone’s camera. A connected display.

Dynamic QR code for geo-tracking

No Special Network Required

No App
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Path to Purchase

Let shoppers be amazed by your products

Emotion is the #1 selling factor

A simple QR code scan offers remote, touchless control of any connected display in your store. Turn lights, play sound, videos or more.

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Provide key information to drives sales

The full shopper’s journey, in one place

Reviews, compatibility, comparison tools or even how-to videos are now a basic expectations for any high-value item purchase.

Drive engagement and sales by providing the right information at the shelf-level.

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Test, learn and optimize interactions and content

A/B Testing for the win!

Our Converge Platform offers its own Content Management System to monitor live content and remotely update and customize the experience for each store.

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Simple & Touchless In-Store Interactions

Rich & Meaningful Shopper Experience

Immediate Sales & Engagement Lift

Explore our retail-ready interactive solutions

Converge Take-a-Ticket™ By OnQ

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