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A new era for fulfillment tickets

Converge Take-a-Ticket™ by OnQ

Stop wasting time and money

“Just put a printer on the table”

Speed to Market

With Digital Assortment

New Opportunities

Cross-Sell Relevant Products

75% less

Paper Waste

Speed to market matters

We make it easy for you

Converge Take-a-Ticket makes it easy to get new products on the shelves quickly. Update your offering in real-time as inventory levels change.

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Customer Reviews In-Store Display

Display key information to drives sales

Offer a direct path to purchase

Customers are more likely to make high-value purchases when they have product reviews, how-to videos and comparison tools at their fingertips.

Deliver all this and more at the shelf level to drive engagement and sales.

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Slat Wall Shelf and Take a Ticket

Unlock cross-sell & upsell opportunities

Make it look natural

Connect your website, e-commerce and marketing strategy. Go to the next step and enable account-creation at the shelf level to keep customers in your ecosystem long after they leave the store.

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Test, learn and optimize interactions and content

A/B testing for the win!

The Converge Platform makes it possible to customize the experience for each store.

Our platform-agnostic CMS enables real-time monitoring, plus remote content management for quick and easy updates.

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Take a Ticket Maintenance

Smart and efficient design

Easy access for easy maintenance

Uses the same paper as your cash register. On-screen notifications let you know when supplies are low, and front-access panel makes swapping rolls a breeze.

Sustainable Data for Take a Ticket

Reduce your paper waste by up to 75%

A win-win for your customers and the environment

Take-A-Ticket reduces paper waste, lowers shipping costs and shrinks your carbon footprint.

Eliminating take-one cards improves customer safety by removing one of the most frequently touched surfaces from your store.

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