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Converge® Display Control by OnQ Brings Touchless Interactivity In Store

onq converge display control

HAYWARD, CA – (January 12, 2022) –  OnQ, a leading manufacturer of custom retail displays, today expanded its Converge platform to enable retailers to deliver touchless interactive experiences in store. Converge Display Control lets shoppers control interactive content on any connected TV by simply scanning a QR code on their phone. This breakthrough in retail merchandising creates a two-way connection between shoppers and any network-connected display, enhancing the in-store experience with customer-driven, interactive content.


“Today’s retail climate demands a fresh approach to in-store interactivity, and retailers are desperate for new ways to engage customers in low-touch and no-touch environments,” said OnQ CEO Paul Chapuis. “Converge Display Control comes along at the perfect time because it opens up a whole new mode of engagement for customers to drive the in-store experience. With the flexibility of purchasing in store or using their phones to buy online and ship to their homes, customers can now tailor every aspect of the shopping experience.”


Customer-Driven Touchless Retail Experiences

Converge Display Control lets customers drive in-store engagement by simply scanning a QR code to navigate the shopping experience with their phones, giving retailers a touch-free way to deliver interactive content in-store. Converge Display Control can be used to display and navigate on-screen product information, as well as control various consumer electronics devices such as smart speakers, televisions and soundbars. The solution has endless development possibilities and can be adapted to customize virtually any in-store experience.


While OnQ’s new technology can be embedded into any new retail display, integrating with existing displays is dead simple. QR codes can be incorporated into existing digital signage, or simply printed and placed on or near a display fixture. Customer interaction is intuitive and straightforward – there’s no need to download an app, and no WiFi connection required. Customer interaction takes place on a mobile browser using the customer’s own cellular connection, eliminating many of the most common technical hurdles to delivering in-store phone-based interaction.


Capture Actionable Analytics with OnQ Display Intelligence®

Retailers can choose to track and log every step of the customer journey using OnQ’s Display Intelligence analytics platform. Retailers can measure key elements of the shopping journey such as interest level and dwell time to help drive key business decisions about product assortment and promotions.


Beyond the Store

Converge Display Control is an in-store merchandising solution built for omnichannel success. Once a QR code takes the customer to the retailer’s website, the retailer establishes a customer connection that lasts well beyond their in-store visit. Customers can continue researching products at home and purchase at their convenience. Retailers then have remarketing opportunities to share future promotions and updates with customers via their phones.


Converge Display Control is fully customizable and each solution is tailored to the unique needs of the retailer. Visit for more information, or contact us at to learn how Converge Display Control can bring touchless interactivity to your store.



About OnQ

OnQ designs, engineers and manufactures custom retail displays. The company is headquartered in Hayward, CA with production facilities in Akron, OH. Founded in 2004 and incorporated in 2007, OnQ’s modular, flexible retail display platform enables retailers and brands to easily and cost-effectively refresh product assortment with minimal disruption. The company’s displays are used to showcase a variety of product categories, including consumer electronics, home automation, pet care, health & beauty and household products. For more information, visit

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