Twice a year we transform our Bay Area design center into a theater, and dedicate a day to the amazing achievements of the thinkers & leaders around us. We pick 5 remarkable CEO’s to tell stories. It’s 50/50 ted talk & late show... Incredibly smart people telling their remarkable story, in a fun format. The theme vaguely maps to Design / Innovation / Achievement, but really any extraordinary deed will do the trick!  

Here’s a difference from TED, Summit, NRF, CES etc. this is not a commercial venture... There are no vendors, & no one is buying or selling, and there are no tiers of membership.  Just smart people, awesome stories and great wine. 

This spring we have 5 amazing speakers, each with a narrative that will amaze and delight.

Arpad Molnar.jpg

Arpad Molnar, co-founder, obsidian wine co.

20 years ago Arpad foresaw how the end of the Cold War would change the European oak barrel market and how climate change would affect the Napa and Sonoma’s a story of playing the long game and winning.

Aaron Emigh_edit_zoomedout.jpg

Aaron Emigh, CEO, Brilliant

While others are trying to figure out the right place to put automated products in their home...the answer has been there all along and it’s as simple as a light switch. 

Alex Terry.png

Alex Terry, CEO, Conversica, Inc.

Conversica is a world leader in conversational AI for businesses...and you thought it was a human!

Doug Griffin.png

Doug Griffin, CEO, Nomadic

Until now, VR experiences have been standing in one place...Doug will explain what happens when VR meets with a physical retail entertainment.

Jonathan Bell.png

Jonathan Bell, Founder/CEO, Want®

Jonathan is a true subject matter expert in the field of brand naming. His company has named hundreds of products and companies in the tech sector and beyond. He will enlighten us on how to create a great brand name.


Date: Thursday, May 9th

Time: 2pm speaker start time

4pm cocktails and fiddly food things

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