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Fred Meyer Turns to OnQ to Reimagine How it Merchandises Tech Products

HAYWARD, CA – March 31, 2021 –  OnQ, a leading manufacturer of custom retail displays, is expanding its partnership with Fred Meyer to support the company’s mission to deliver innovative customer experiences throughout its network of retail stores across the western United States. Following a successful pilot deployment at Fred Meyer’s “Store of the Future” in Happy Valley, OR, OnQ updated the home electronics departments in eleven more Fred Meyer stores across the Pacific Northwest, with plans to update another six locations by the end of 2021.

“OnQ has been a great partner, helping us reimagine our consumer electronics department to deliver a shopping experience that our customers have responded to quite positively,” said Catherine Mosich, Director of Electronics at Kroger. “We’ve noticed significant sales lift in these redesigned stores and we’re eager to deploy this new format in additional locations to replicate the shopping experience more broadly throughout the family of Fred Meyer stores.”

Redesigning the entire home electronics department afforded OnQ the opportunity to take a holistic approach, successfully unifying the look and feel of the entire department. Applying a consistent design aesthetic throughout was paramount, as was incorporating flexibility to easily adjust and reconfigure displays as needed. This approach ensures a uniform look today, while still leaving the door open for future updates with minimal disruption.

The newly redesigned home electronics department offers the perfect mix of freestanding tables, in-line displays and end caps that create an inviting space, easy for customers to navigate and compare products side-by-side. Beautiful fixtures, impactful signage and pleasant LED lighting combine to create the balance and design consistency typically only found in high-end specialty retailers.

And while the new format is visually striking, perhaps more importantly Fred Meyer is experiencing roughly 92% sales lift in the home electronics departments compared to stores that haven’t yet converted to the new store design.

“Fred Meyer has a proven track record of always looking for ways to improve the in-store experience for its customers, and we’re grateful they entrusted their home electronics redesign to OnQ,” said Paul Chapuis, CEO of OnQ. “Together we aligned on a vision for the home electronics department, and our partners at Fred Meyer committed to that vision wholeheartedly and empowered us to create what we believe is the new standard for store-in-store shopping experiences.”

Successfully revamping the entire department required not only close collaboration with Fred Meyer, but also with the many consumer electronics manufacturers to ensure proper brand representation throughout. OnQ worked closely with the brands to ensure each retained an appropriate amount of creative autonomy, while still maintaining a consistent look and feel across the department. Additionally, OnQ actively manages quarterly product refreshes for all the involved brands, relieving Fred Meyer of the most time-consuming aspects of ongoing display maintenance.

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About OnQ

OnQ designs, engineers and manufactures custom retail displays. The company is headquartered in Hayward, CA with production facilities in Akron, OH. Founded in 2004 and incorporated in 2007, OnQ’s modular, flexible retail display platform enables retailers and brands to easily and cost-effectively refresh product assortment with minimal disruption. The company’s displays are used to showcase a variety of product categories, including consumer electronics, home automation, pet care, health & beauty and household products. For more information, visit

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